Sherman Clay & Co.

Architectural Precast Association Award in GFRC Excellence & Craftsmanship.

Sherman Clay & Co. Building was built in 1906. Exterior façade consists of ornamental terra cotta spandrels, jambs, sills, fluted & tapered columns, Doric capitals, and ornamental shell parapet castings. In most cases, using the original materials would make restoration costs prohibitive. The use of GFRC for restoration allows for the historical conservation of our nation's landmarks at an achievable cost without sacrificing the original architectural facade. 

Architectural Facades Unlimited selected for removal several of the original terra cotta castings, repaired them and made Polyurethane rubber molds for columns, capital & base, rosettes, shell & facial ornaments, dentals, and egg & dart.

The GFRC system reduces one-third of original terra-cotta weight. Lightweight GFRC castings are anchored to a new metal stud steel framing system designed by Architectural Facades Unlimited. The anchorage design for GFRC units are flexible allowing for thermal and seismic movement.